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La Llorona

La Llorona's Model (Chasing Animation)

La Llorona is a Cryptid based off of the Mexican urban legend. The origins are unknown, Andres Henestrosa popularized Llorona in 1940 through a folk song. She has entirely white skin, a white dress, black hair, and a slack jaw.


The orginal story goes that she--for reasons ranging from a cheating husband to downright insanity--drowned her children in a river, then drowned herself out of grief. Another story goes on how she didn't want her cheating husband and his wife to have her children so drowns them and then herself. But couldn't move onto the afterlife. It's said that she roams the river banks of Latin America, weeping and dragging passerby into the water to suffocate them. The legend itself has been around since the 16th century.


She spawns near Lake Veronica and can be heard weeping when close by. Once within range, she will chase the player and drag them into the water. The sequence can't be stopped after the player is grabbed, since La Llorona has no HP signifier and is invincible.

You can get rid of her using the dolls at the hydro plant. To do so, get the dolls, find Llorona, click on her with the dolls, and she'll disappear, telling the server that the player has scared her off. Community says that when the player scares her off, it means she is dead, which is debatable since it isn't confirmed nor denied by the Game.

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